Our headquarters is a 12-acre property in Salinas Valley, Monterey County, Salad Bowl of the World.

We thought well about where we wanted to start our business. We looked for innovation, healthy land, and promising weather. We found it in Salinas, CA.
It is known for being one of the most productive agricultural regions in California due to its climate and long growing season which is ideal for our industry.
Renowned for its AgTech Industry with its proximity to Silicon Valley and a large number of agricultural employers, it is an ideal location for developing high-tech agricultural innovations.

Trustworthy innovation

We gathered a team of dedicated and talented people who understand these state of the art systems to perfection. We believe in them to help us improve our production with every harvest.
Fully Licensed and Compliant

POSIBL® is formally licensed by the state of California for B2B cultivation, production and distribution of Cannabis.


We work to produce the highest quality possible with pesticide-free agro-technology and committed human talent.

Smart Agriculture®

Soon at POSIBL®, an agronomic system with a most efficient use of resources, elimination of pesticides and the ergonomics of human work.

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